Corporate Yoga & Wellness

Wellness is not a luxury but an investment. Relax Already & Reflections Corporate Wellness Programs is an essential part of a successful business to retain happy, productive, reliable, and healthy employees.

Let our highly skilled teachers help your staff and colleagues experience the many benefits of yoga, without having to leave the office. Energize your workday and reduce stress with our convenient in-office programs. Our Corporate Wellness Programs are offered morning, noon and evening. Each program will enhance your employees health and therefore effect their overall performance.

Some benefits of our programs:

Relax & Rejuvenate: Tools for Concentration and Breathing
For a healthy body, calm mind, and long life (30 minute)

Employees are lead through a series of breathing techniques to increase motivation, enhance mental focus, and develop clarity. Through the use of visualization and concentration exercises they will learn how to effectively listen, articulate, and collaborate in highly stressful situations.

Desk Yoga: Sitting right can change your life. (45 minutes)

This class addresses ergonomics of daily office life. It will teach your employees how to use their body correctly and to avoid pain. Specific guided instruction will be given on proper body alignment to prevent injury, to increase stamina and flexibility. The focus of this class is on common workplace alignments and is appropriate for all flexibility levels. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Full Body Stretch: Stronger, brighter, more confident: Align your body, focus your mind (60 minutes)

This yoga mat sequence allows people of all levels to enjoy the benefits of stretching, breathing, and strengthening. A great class after a long day to help focus the mind and revitalize the body.

Massage for the Busy Person: Fix it Quick–Neck, Shoulder, & Back Relief

Chair massage is a technique designed to relieve specific problems associated with repetitive movement for the busy person. It does not require the client to disrobe and is completed in less time than a table-style massage. Each massage is roughly 10-15 mins in length, with a two hour minimum.

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"I haven’t seen the staff this excited in 15 years!"
– David, Head of HR at Volunteers of America

"Taking one of your Yoga classes is like walking into a heated building on a freezing winter’s day – the effect is immediate. Just stepping in allows you to relax and re-focus."
– Hayley, MSW